The Annual Student Council Food Drive for the Pine Belt Association for Families has begun at the high school. A competition will be held between grades, with the winning grade receiving ice cream or donuts from the Student Council. The Pine Belt Association for Families is a support group for grandparents (or other relatives raising grandchildren. Low salt versions of canned goods are suggested. The Drive ends Thursday, November 20th. Items requested are as follows:
  • 7th Grade: Corn meal (2 lb or 5 lb bags; larger bags count as 2 items)
  • 8th Grade: Canned green beans
  • 9th Grade: Canned diced tomatoes
  • 10th Grade: Canned corn
  • 11th Grade: Canned okra & tomatoes or lima beans (canned or dried; bags of lima beans will count as 2 items)
  • 12th Grade: Canned green peas